Quality Sandstone Sealer for Natural Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone comes in a range of textures and colours, but it’s always a sedimentary rock, with layers of rock laid down over time.

It’s very porous and easily penetrated by water. This is a problem especially in areas with sub-zero temperatures when ice within the rock expands and splits sheets off the surface. The surface is also at risk of weathering and erosion.

A sandstone sealer is recommended for all outdoor sandstone structures. Pavers in high traffic areas may crack or get dirty quickly. If you have sandstone ovens, fireplaces, or even furniture, there’s a high risk of spillage.

Sandstone stains easily and wet dirty leaves can be a major problem. Applying a sandstone sealer before dirt and stain occur is the easiest way to keep your outdoor areas beautiful and easy to clean.


If you need to clean your sandstone before sealing, avoid pressure hoses at all costs! These can cause further damage to the stone. Instead, use our gentle PH Neutral Stone Cleaner.

Some suppliers suggest leaving sandstone unsealed – this usually comes from the experience of low-quality sealants which can in fact increase staining. Elite’s water-based sandstone sealers are NOT in this category. They are absorbed beneath the surface of the stone so do not affect staining at the surface. Since they’re water-based, they are also gentle on the environment and on the applicator!

Choose the Best Sandstone Sealer to Protect Natural Sandstone Tiles

We offer the three best sandstone sealer products, depending on how long you want protection to last. In all cases, we recommend two coats. For your first coat, you’ll need one litre per 7 square metres – for the second coat, it will be one litre per 12 square metres.

For new sandstone tile work, we recommend applying a pre-sealer before grouting.

If you’d like advice about cleaning sandstone, choosing the right sandstone sealer or how to apply, please contact us. We’re happy to advise even if you’re not a customer.

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Showing all 6 results