Caring for your Concrete Pavers , Blocks or Retaining walls

Concrete  is naturally porous, so tiles and pavers may suffer from water pooling, especially near pools or taps, or in outdoor areas without cover. This pooling can cause stains or splotches of a different colour, or it may even lift the stone slightly so your surface becomes uneven.

Efflorescence can also be an issue. This happens when water in the stone dissolves mineral salts but then dries out. The dried salts appear on the surface as a white powder. You can wash the powder away, but it’s better to seal the water out of the concrete so you don’t get efflorescence in the first place!

Concrete  is also at risk from oily stains. This can be a challenge near barbeque areas where fat splatters. Food spills in dining areas can also stain.

See our options below for sealing concrete , blocks and retaining walls.

Make sure your Concrete is clean before applying sealer

You will need to clean it before you seal it. We recommend our Stone and Concrete Cleaner prior to sealing.


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Showing all 4 results