High-Quality Travertine Tile Sealer

Travertine is growing in popularity across Australia. This natural stone comes in colours from lightest cream to gold, brown, and even red. Surface interest comes from colour and pattern variations as well as the finish applied.

Unpolished travertine tile is ideal for outdoor use as it’s a low-slip surface. Polished travertine may look fantastic but you’re more likely to slip on it.

Like all natural porous stones, travertine can be stained by water or oily materials. Highly polished travertine finishes may also lose their shine. The stone is durable, so there’s a little structural risk, but if you invested in travertine for style reasons, you want to keep your home looking good.


A travertine sealer will protect your stone areas from all kinds of stain – whether it’s water, dark liquids like coffee or wine, or even something as oily as salad cream. But to be safe, we still recommend wiping spillage off your stone as soon as possible!

Great Range of Travertine Tile Sealer Products

Elite’s travertine sealers are water-based, so they’re gentle on the environment and on the people who apply them in the first place! They penetrate deep into the stone to provide strong internal protection. You will need to apply two coats for maximum protection.

Ideally, apply sealer when your travertine is first installed.  Otherwise, you’ll end up having to clean before you seal. (If you do need to clean, be kind to your stone and your hands by using our PH Neutral Stone Cleaner.)

For your first coat, you’ll need one liter per 7 square meters – for the second coat, it will be one liter per 12 square meters.

For new travertine areas, we recommend applying a pre-sealer before grouting.

Select the Best Options for Travertine Sealer

If you’d like advice about cleaning travertine, choosing the right travertine sealer, or how to apply, please contact us. We’re happy to advise even if you’re not a customer.

Waterbased Technology

Elite Shield offers Maximum stain and water protection. Ranked #1

Elite Guard offers Medium stain & water protection. Ranked #2

Elite Seal is our economy sealer for stain & water protection. Ranked #3

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Showing all 5 results