Penetrating Sealer for Concrete Blocks Retaining Walls


Penetrating Sealer for Concrete Blocks Retaining Walls




Concrete Block Sealer for Retaining walls.

  • Suitable for porous blocks and pavers only.
  • Clear Natural Look.
  • Waterbased Low voc and no toxic fumes.
  • Fast application with coats 5-20min apart.

Concrete Block Seal

  • Can be applied while stone is still damp after cleaning.
  • Protects Concrete , Hebel blocks and pavers against water damage.
  • Enables easier removal of dirt and markings. 
  • Eliminates the occurrence of Efflorescence.
  • Reduces Moss, mould and algae growth.
  • Reduces corrosion attack on steel reinforcing.
  • Does not alter the coefficient of friction or slip factor.
  • Retains a natural look.
  • Breathable, allows water vapor to escape.
  • Deep penetrating.
  • Food Safe
  • Alkali resistant
  • Penetrating Sealer will last up to 10 years or longer dependent on application, weather conditions and abuse of the surface.
  • 2 coat application

Coverage – 7 sq metres for coat 1 / 12 sq.metres for coat 2 on porous stone.

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