Protecting your Pool Pavers in Winter

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As we move into winter it’s time to make sure you are protecting your pool pavers and other tiles areas from stains of all kinds. In colder weather, tiles take longer to dry. That’s especially important for paved tiles around your pool or in shaded areas. You don’t want moss or mould to grow, and you don’t want stains from water pooling on your tiles either!

You may already have protected your paving from stains. It’s not just water stains in the winter, you need to protect entertainment areas from all other kinds of stains too. Food stains. Wine stains. Grease dropping onto paving around a barbecue or cooking area. Coffee and even chewing gum can leave stains. There will be accidents, so it makes sense to protect the look you’ve invested so much in.

Protecting pavers from future stains

Elite Guard is a great option for protecting your pool pavers or entertainment areas. Applied correctly, it lasts for ten years, so you know your home will go on looking good.

What if you’ve got really expensive stone paving to make your home beautiful? If you’ve got marble, travertine, sandstone, bluestone granite or slate, protection is a must. For these we recommend a higher quality, longer lasting product – Elite Shield.

Elite Shield is a natural look penetrating sealer which lasts for 15 years when applied properly. It’s water-based and can be used on hard or porous surfaces. A quality product to protect your quality stone finishes!

A special feature of Elite sealing products is that they protect your tiles and paved areas from water stains. Not all sealants do.

Cleaning existing stains

If you need to remove existing stains from your tiles or paving stones, try Elite Unicleaner or Elite Degreaser, depending on the type of stain. But don’t forget to use a sealant after you remove the stains, so your paved areas remain clean and beautiful!

Too much hard work? If you’d prefer someone else do the cleaning and sealing, get in touch and we can recommend a local service provider.