5 Reasons why you should Protect your Investment of your Pool and Entertainment area

  • Posted by: Troy Morgan

Be it a travertine tile, beautiful sandstone tile, granite or concrete pavers around your pool or entertainment area, we all want our space to be aesthetic and functional for a long period of time. Using coatings and shields such as; sandstone sealer, travertine sealer, concrete sealer orpaver sealer can help protect these spaces.
Be it topical or penetrating; seal your investment through the durable and long-lasting Elite Guard and Elite Shield coatings. These are good choices for both indoor and outdoor applications.

By protecting your investment by sealing, you can enjoy the following five benefits:

1. Get rid of unsightly, unhealthy mould

Not removing mould early can lead to a lot of problems. Travertine tiles, sandstone tiles, granite or concrete pavers are porous, which means that it absorbs moisture. If this moisture doesn’t dry, it will create mould. Mould and mildew can form on your natural tiles and concrete that remains wet for extended periods of time. This can cause a green discoloration to appear on your tile surface and fungus in a concrete deck. When you seal and coat your tiles, you inhibit mould growth. This helps protect your investment and keeps it looking better for longer. It also doesn’t attract other problems like moss, fungus and stingy smell. Sealing and coating helps with the visual aspect as well as the performance aspect of any material – stones or concrete.

2. Durability

When exterior pavements or sandstones are exposed to the extremities – cracking, scaling, dis-colouration and deforming are problems which occur if not managed well. However, by sealing and coating your concrete and tiles in your entertainment area with Elite Guard and Elite Shield you enhance the durability of the flooring, which can prevent damage. If you want to ensure that your concrete, sandstone and travertine looks great and works properly, coating and shielding can be a wise choice. It makes your entertainment area looks cleaner and newer, whereas your swimming area will be fungus free and sparkling.

3. Extends Life

An average pavement or patio can last 25-30 years, but if it suffers from discoloration or cracking, you may find that you need to replace it sooner than you planned. Coating and maintaining can increase longevity and enhance appearance. When you coat and shield your concrete and natural tiles, you increase the chance that they last for those 25-30 years.

4. Protection Layer

There are many things that can damage your sandstone or travertine pavement in your pool area, so it’s important to protect it. Sealer can protect your natural tiles and concrete from oil spills and other stains from spilt drinks, as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sealer will also lock out moisture, so freezing and thawing will not cause damage.

5. Enhance Colour

When concrete and natural stones are exposed to extreme weather it can experience discolouration and fading, it can look unappealing and unmaintained. This can make your swimming area look dingy or old, because the paint won’t stay on the concrete that’s already deforming and discolouring , therefore topical and integral sealers can keep your concrete’s colour intact, as they will protect your concrete and tiles from the elements and keep it looking clean and sharp for an extended period of time.

Therefore, if you want to save your investment, maintain your swimming area and shine up your deck, Elite Coatings is the right choice. They know exactly what you are looking for and expecting regarding the results you want. Call them now at 1300 161 372 or email them at sales@elitecoatings.net