2 Pack Urethane Clear Sealer Kit Matt Finish


2 Pack Urethane Clear Sealer Kit Matt Finish


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2 pack Urethane Clear Concrete Sealer Kit Matt Finish

Pack Contents;

Clear matt sealer.


Ideal for Garages.

Polyurethane 2 Pack when cured forms a matt, durable and chemically resistant surface.

Ideal for use as a replacement for epoxy coatings especially on polished or concrete floors.

Used for Flake floor applications requiring a matt finish as well.

Often used in areas where solvent products cannot be used.

Protection from chemicals, oils, acid and solvents.

  • Low VOC product
  • UV stable formula
  • Matt Finish
  • No Dangerous solvent Fumes
  • Will not go cloudy or yellow when water is on for long periods
  • Fast curing time.
  • Hard wearing.
  • User friendly.
  • Long pot life after mixing.
  • 4 hour cure time. (Warm Climates)
  • Water wash up

2 coat application

Coverage Р8sq.m / litre for rough surfaces  / 10sq.m / litre on smooth surfaces

Recommended for;

Warehouse floors.

Car Park.

Shop floors.

Garage floors.

High traffic areas.


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