Concrete Sealer Grip Additive 500g

Concrete Sealer Grip Additive 500g


Grip Additive F4 400 Micron Silica Sand

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Concrete Sealer Grip Additive

Grip Additive is for clear concrete sealers and coloured sealers to provide an excellent slip resistant finish under both wet and dry conditions.

Grip additive will increase the coefficient of friction of the surface reducing the hazardous slip potential. The smooth surface produced when concrete is sealed can become slippery, particularly when wet, creating a potential risk factor to pedestrians. Steep sealed concrete surfaces can be very slippery when wet or dry.

Grip additive will produce a fine and consistent texture to the sealed surface to improve safety under wet and dry conditions

Grip Additive will mix into concrete sealer and other film forming sealers at a recommended ratio of 500g (1 bottle) per 20 litres. Good results can also be obtained by broadcasting the additive onto the sealer whilst wet.

  • Appearance             Fine, white, free flowing silica sand
  • Particle size             400 microns or extra grip at 800 microns (add comment in checkout if 800 micron required)