Concrete Driveway Sealer Colour Kit Matt finish

Concrete Driveway Sealer Colour Kit Matt finish


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Concrete Sealer Colour Kit Matt finish

Kit Contains:

Clear Matt Sealer

Coloured Tint

We recommend applying 2 coats of Concrete Sealer for optimum effect, but the application must not be too thick as excessive build up may cause the coating to appear milky when subjected to ponding. This effect will disappear when the coating dries completely. ‡

* Excellent for Interior and Exterior use
* Water based, easy to use

* Low VOC
* Can be sprayed, brushed or applied by roller
* Quick drying
* Non Blushing
* Fast water resistance * within 2 hours
* Enhances/darkens surfaces
* Can be applied to damp surfaces
* Can be applied wet on wet
* Hard wearing surface resistant to abrasion
* Hot tyre resistant
* Chemical resistant * oils, greases, alkali
* Resists discoloration from dirt and spills
* UV resistant * non yellowing
* Provides a dust free surface

8 sq.metres per litre on rough surfaces.

10 sq.m per litre on smooth surfaces.